Outfit Post: Sideways

Soooo, it’s Tuesday Shoesday, which is funny because these shoes are new and I love them. Yes I know, I normally blog on a Monday but I decided to mix it up a bit. Just kidding, I barely had a moment to myself yesterday evening so I said all my fans would have to soldier through the evening without. Ha.

We celebrated my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary over the weekend. Yes, 60 years together and still in love. It is truly wonderful and inspiring to see. And I hope I can be so successful in such a partnership. Have to find someone first though. Sure not to worry. But anyway, actually sorry, quick pause while I genuinely LOL at what I just said. Done. I decided that such an event would have to be celebrated in style.

I picked up the tartan jacket for €12 in a charity shop on Saturday. My god, you can’t beat bargains like that. It makes having to actually PAY for clothes hard when you can do this. It’s Jerry Weber. You know that brand your Mother or Grandmother may have worn when you were younger. You would have to give older generations credit though. And we absolutely falling around the place at their ensembles as kids. Oh how the tables have turned.

Shoes are boohoo, crocodile patent leather. A must buy. And handy for work. Boohoo is great for shoes though. And always so comfortable. Sure €40 later, you couldn’t go wrong. Sometimes I wonder if I should drop the Irish tone when I write in this because I seem to have a few international readers. I don’t know if its in me lads. Not to worry.

This is my 21st ring also. Felt it was time to feature it on the blog. Its an absolute pleasure to wear.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any opinions, please don’t hesitate to express 🙂


Jacket – Oxfam

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Boohoo

Until next time…


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Outfit Post: Velvet Sky

I’m back, I’m back, I’m a maniac. And I nearly didn’t this week. But then I did, for the people. PHEW say you all. Ha! But seriously, I was having a moral dilemma about my outfit. That it might not be good enough. But in all honesty, I love this outfit, I just don’t think the pictures are great. But its good casual inspo, you know. I hope.

So the jacket is Shutterbug. Are you surprised? Didn’t think so. But it was (and I know I say this a lot) one of those things where, when I saw it, I wasn’t really leaving the shop without it. It’s tough. If you read my blog back in the day you will know I love, loovveee velvet. Well, the obsession lives on. There is a close up, check out the detail and Autumn colours. Of course you can also dress this up, but I went for a casual look.

We fitted phois phois (dear Phois Phois, Phooeey, La P [my cat] – obsessed) into my outfit. There she is now on my top. As a result of this we felt we should honour her in some way by carefully placing her into some of the pictures. She repped it up of course. My little sister takes the pictures by the way. Big shout out there, just so she knows I appreciate it. Heavily criticised of course during the process of picture taking for my strange and awkward poses. But sure look, we’ll soldier on.

There’s a 50% sale on in Topshop at the moment. Few bits there so have a look. My colleague and I went on at the same time earlier to find it had crashed due to heavy traffic. We empathised with the web team and had a giggle at our nerd selves.

With this I shall be off. Let me know your thoughts 😉

altAomg1Ry24aY9rUGbGiiq0ojVR0rGjtxKeftI6tCViP-M altAgngv_HPJpQA1CoKsz6Q3W6eY-7Adlt7udz69dvXnfbWaltAusBFrVan-aif-jdEBzFcxe6jtZTfZWaV2uRAhWy0juDaltAvTg1_2xa7YiDZVQwW6IDRj3G_MMZItcJYx-P7M94o3zaltAjdaK-pEp3-DFMDLRztztmT5g7y220XZ3EIcgrvoERbmaltAoDOMW3vz1CpO1Mjmj5kUpi3cmgf_M6QEzAz1D6ABKh_

Jacket – Shutterbug

Top – H&M

Jeans – River Island

Ring – Shutterbug

Until next time…


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Outfit Post: Wild Child

I spend a lot of time on WordPress in work building websites and what not so whenever I see discrepancies in the format of my blog I can just code that s**t and fix it right up. No idea why I said that but I guess I find the tool a lot easier to work with then when I first started. It’s nice knowing the tricks of the trade, I won’t lie to you.

Today we will be diving into my g-g-g-grunge side. Oooh I do love a bit of grunge. And see, I can’t help but disagree with the people who say fashion is materialistic or even narcissistic. I truly believe it is an art and a form of self-expression. An assertion of one’s own personality in the busy world we live in. And I think it is a good way to express ourselves. Self-identity. And to sometimes, take the road less taken. You know?

Oh well, I got very deep there now. No one was asking. But anyway. This outfit I love. Truly love. A surge of excitement it was, to put that shirt on for the very first time. And it has that thick cotton texture. You really feel like your wearing something, you feel whole in it or something? MY GOD, I am very deep tonight. But if you can get your hands on one of these, please do. It was natural of course, to pair it with my ripped skinny jeans, doc martens and tartan scrunchie. It brought me much joy. Much much joy.

Anyway, I will close now before one is led to believe that I am suffering from an emotional breakdown. Enjoy the pictures and the outfit. And like always, all feedback is very much appreciated.

P.s. No bold Photoshop antics were endeavoured in this week. But next week. Hopefully 🙂

altAs643KWF4ZCBdrcnvwL5zF06ZxbJPcHeBUzETn1XFbEAaltAiFU9ScWNccffHEPXpD0I8TJHvStwzsdvKorPSI5isewaltAgdw6J0SXVAiJIf0d9xJvqURzViI-qaGTLGTt70ij8L-altAkVZ-tsB3D4QbC-JrDbCdxIoGSyogl-7tKqN5EqBZgtKaltAqVbapCShmUZpGHVEqQ9uRGlSH9JLkzHmiJ1s43soY3yaltAsqqhoLi666sVapNLW8xWOSop7qwGM4pvLWu0JLYFRxLaltAgaR3W2Oie7ZsisggDaglrXvFFc3LUxjsSbI-WLteTq-Checkered shirt: Shutterbug

Ripped Jeans: Topshop

Doc Martens: Shutterbug

Scrunchie: River Island

Until next time..




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Outfit Post: All These Autumn Leaves

Well hello again. I’m back – I know this has come as a big shock to you all. Two blog posts, two weeks running. I’m sure you can’t believe your luck. (lol)

So this… Well let me first explain my Photoshop ordeal. I use Photoshop pretty much every day in work, but I have never actually used it on a photograph before. I can produce graphics with my eyes closed. Nah I can’t, that would be impossible. But working on a photo is quite different because Photoshop can’t really define particular elements on it’s own. SO, I used Photoshop on I think only the first two pictures and as you can see I got my “Gaussian Blur” going but it’s REALLY obvious where the blur starts. You can see a big square around me in the first picture. But still, it does make it a bit more 3D and cool and it will be better next week, I promise. PLUS I did it at the end of work (say nothing), because I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop so I hereby present you with the result.

Now, in this blog post we will explore the idea of my style being rather inconsistent. Actually, that’s too dramatic. My style in the sense of THEME (grunge, preppy) is inconsistent but my style in terms of how I put things together and wear things is CONSISTENT. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. It’s hard to explain but I think if you follow this for a while *commits herself to blogging for an ambiguous while*,  you will begin to understand. Or else look back through some old blog posts to gain a deeper understanding (crying).

This colour pink is one of my favourite colours in the world. It’s just so good with really blue jeans and then bringing in some Autumn beige’s in the hat was a must. I really love this outfit. I have some close ups of the detail on the jumper. A charity shop. And jumpers like these are definitely pretty rampant in charity shops. Get in guys.  Oh and check the collar out on that shirt. Yeah.

Enjoy the pics 🙂




Pink Jumper – Barnardos

Shirt – Shutterbug

Tube Jeans – River Island

Hat – Primark

Cons – Office

Until next time…


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Outfit Post: Black Is The Colour

So after much deliberation (not too much, I had a brainwave last week after a few people brought it up), I have decided to make a return to the blogging scene. I can’t deny that I love doing it and when someone comes up to me randomly and tells me they love my blog…my blog ehhh I haven’t wrote that in a while *walks around in circles*, I feel like I should, you know, jump back on that bandwagon. So here I am, and those waves of excitement which I remember so well from the last time, are coming back to me!

It’s quite scary, starting a blog. I don’t feel scared any more *wonders if she speaks too soon*, but putting yourself out there to be rated or slated (lol) can be slightly unnerving. But sure look, we’ll give it a go (for all those non-Irish people reading this by we I mean me myself and I only) and if the people like it, the people will speak……hopefully…

This outfit. You see, I’m digging black these days. Like, who doesn’t dig black anyway, but in the past I have been quite fluorescent in my style and I have in the past year REALLY learned the value of basics. Good clean basics. The value lies in the fact that you can wear them over and over, but accessorise them differently each time. One of my problems is, was, kind of still is, that I get too excited when I see something I really like. And often that item isn’t something I can REALLY wear again. It’s tough.

The jacket, I went into Topshop in Oxford Circus, left, couldn’t stop thinking about it, came back, bought it. The embroidered detail and the fur. I was done. And then I bought the jeans and the top, because simply because if the jacket was that cool, it had to be a brand new outfit. The jeans are great because they are ripped jeans so instantly the outfit is cooler (who am I?) and the top is just, well I really really like it. I really like V-neck t-shirts at the moment, something I have never liked.

Necklace to brighten things up, a good look for when the jacket is off and your blending into the dark interiors of Dublin’s night scene. I do love it though, and I am also giggling to myself at what I am saying. Cue to leave.

Enjoy the pics 🙂




Jeans – Topshop

Top – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop

Necklace – Folkster

Converse – Office

Sunnies – Cotton Face Vintage

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time..


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Outfit Post: Rainbow Rhythm

Woah I really did fall off the blogosphere over the past couple of months! My masters has been intense but I have my final presentation tomorrow and then you can call me master.

I got my sister to take some pics before I headed off to Electric Picnic on Saturday. I’ve been building up festival clothes in my wardrobe for months now and I’ve missed all the festivals this summer due to masters life but I somehow managed to squeeze in the picnic. Electric Picnic really is another world and it is thereby appropriate to wear other world clothes. I ordered these colour trip (appropriate) garter leggings off Nasty Gal about a month ago and well if clothes have ever excited me. They are multi-coloured AND they are velvet.  They had me. I teamed them with a plain black (DIY, turned inside out, cut tee), doc martens and blue tinted John Lennon sunnies which I haunted e-bay for. My final touch which went down well at the picnic was my lilac lip-stick. It’s by a brand called limecrime and I’ve been dying to wear it since I ordered it online a few weeks ago.

I really do love this outfit. I love colours so much. Dahh okay I could be here all day talking about it so I better let you go. Enjoy the pics and don’t be strangers 🙂


Leggings: Nasty Gal

Top: DIY

Boots: Shutterbug

John Lennon Sunnies: Ebay

Scrunchie: Claire’s Accessories

Necklace: H&M

Lipstick: Limecrime 

Any feedback, comments etc. are very much appreciated.

I promise I won’t leave it so long the next time.


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Outfit Post: Sunny Daze

The first thing my brother asked when he saw me in my ensemble was “Did you win?”. I suppose when your style is slightly extrovert you have to prepare yourself for such abuse. I must say I do love this outfit. Black bicycle shorts with the lace trim have been on my mind for some months now. I love bicycle shorts. I don’t know where that stemmed from but I jump to them. I would almost say I bought the top to match the bicycle shorts because I knew I needed an excuse to buy them. You know when you see a clothing item and you are immediately picturing the outfit. That happened. Also American Football Jerseys are just ideal right now.

I was going to buy the light yellow converse but then I was like well if I love neon so much why wouldn’t I just get the neon yellow converse? Advantage: If the outfit is boring the neon cons will spice it up.

I will bore you no more.

Enjoy thee pics 🙂


973604_10151644003278896_423154018_n (1)974809_10151644004468896_1916674931_n



American Football Jersey: Love

Bicycle Shorts: Ebay

Neon Cons: Office

Neon Rope Necklace: Topshop

Neon Chain Necklace: Primark

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next time mes amies..


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