Lana Del Rey and The American Dream

Honestly, I didn’t want my next post to be on another celebrity/style crush, but Lana Del Rey (Lizzie Grant), is just so much more than that. I mentioned  before that I had a small obsession with America, and when Video Games came out it fed my fascination – badly. This is when I became obsessed with Lana Del Rey and all she was about. For a while she had me all tied up, there had been so much speculation as to exactly how authentic she was and how much influence the crafty marketers of her production team might have put into her original emergence. I had become trapped in my obsession and the accusations genuinely had me experiencing conniptions. After a while I calmed down and I realised it didn’t matter to me, her mere existence real or fake was enough for me not to let go.

We have to give Lizzie Grant some credit though, I found a video on YouTube from the 8th of June 2009 that shows a young blonde girl dressed in jeans and a t-shirt on stage at a New York music show and evokes a positive response from the crowd. She sings similar to how she does now and her emotive facial expressions are what she gives us in all her recent music video’s. I don’t know who or what or how she or her team creates her videos the way they do because whatever it is, they conjure up such real emotions of a girl who is living on the dark side of the American Dream.

In Video Games the footage shows us clips of home movies, wasted celebrities, Hollywood scenes, American Debauchery, and webcam shots of an innocent girl trapped in marvelous devastation. Her haunting voice is something I can’t seem to let go of. Her most recent video “Ride” is pretty crazy and pays true admiration to her country through scenes of her on motorbikes, swinging on a tire, waving the American Flag, wearing a native American Head-dress (I want one) while holding a gun and scenes of gas stations with “Freedom” stickers on the windows. All pretty crazy but had I not spent a summer in America I would not realise that so much of this is actually true. I have had the video on replay since I discovered it on Sunday two days after it was released on YouTube. The video has now over 6 million views, five days after its release. Pretty insane.

Her style of course is something I fell in love with right from the start. She has always kept it so simple, but very unique to her. Her red converse, vintage levis, leather fringe jackets, cowboy boots, sparkly dresses, F1 racing jackets, and chunky gold chains really encompass the style of a true American girl. I was getting a bit worried that she was falling off the radar for a while and this is why I was so happy when “Ride” was released. I have a link for the video below (please please watch) and some pictures of her that I love.

I belonged to no-one, who belonged to everyone, who had nothing, who wanted everything”


Her Ring!

Hollywood T-shirt ❤

Heart Floral Headpiece’s.

And again!

Elegant glamour, I love the colour of her lips here.

OBsessed with this outfit!

Teaming a military jacket with a simple dress ❤

I think her Ferrari jacket is the best.

I also think this is the best, I am torn between the two.

A simple red dress ❤

Her Budweiser tee (I know you can’t really see it) – True American spirit.

Native American head-dress, so cool for a festival!

I would love to make my own Hollywood t-shirt like she has here. Might get around to that sometime. I will let you know. Of course I can never say no to a “I ❤ NY” tee. So modern yet so vintage.

One last thing, Lana Del Rey, is the face for the H&M Winter Collection 2012. Some of the clothes are online but there are more to be added. You should check them out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post (got a bit carried away – I won’t lie!).

Until next time…



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