Outfit Post: Neon Autumn

I absolutely love neon, and  I love matching it with vintage clothing to give an outfit more character. I kind of feel like fashion has no boundaries. Of course there are certain things which you just do not do, but for the most part I love seeing what you can put with what and how bold you can make your outfit. You will notice my very attention seeking cat in one of the pictures,  it was difficult to get her away, she made me laugh – thinking the photo-shoot was in her honour!

Vintage Jumper: Shutterbug

Purple Disco Pants: River Island

Neon Hat: River Island

Doc Martens: Shutterbug

I’m pretty sure you will be seeing a lot more of Shutterbug from me considering half of my wardrobe is from there at this stage. The shop gets better everyday.

Oh and excuse my face in some of the pictures, my decision not to wear sunglasses whilst doing this shoot still baffles me.

I hope you liked the outfit.

Until next time..



About Hannah Roche

Twenty something year old Fashion Blogger / Digital Marketer..
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