Outfit Post: Blue Velvet

So I know I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I can tell you this is all I have been wanting to do but unfortunately I am drowning in masters work. However, last weekend I came up for some air and got my sister to take a few snaps.

Its just an outfit I wore out the previous Thursday. I vouched to myself that I will have a new outfit for every night I go out this year. It shouldn’t be too hard as a night on the tiles for me is a rare occasion these days, however when it happens I get very excited (TOO excited) but I like to be wearing something new. I only decided on the morning that I would allow myself the night off so I jumped on the bus into town (I think I must have known in my head I was getting the dress) marched straight into American Apparel, decided what colour I wanted, purchased it, and came home to get a decent days work in before the night ahead. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me as velvet makes me swoon and it had been in the back of my mind since I saw it in there a couple of weeks previous.

I’m not sure if I have previously revealed my obsession with collars. Well I love them, and I loved matching this collar with this dress.



Velvet Dress: American Apparel

Bowler Hat: Folkster

Collar: Romwe.com

Shoes: Office

We had to take these photos really fast so they are not great quality but you get to see the outfit, which is the main thing I guess. I will definitely not be leaving it this long again to do another post (hopefully). I hope you enjoyed though.

Until next time..



About Hannah Roche

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