Outfit Post: Back to the future

I really like (because I overuse the word love) futuristic clothes.

On a side note isn’t there something so mysterious about “back to the future”. Is that a really weird thing to say? I want to know more about back to the future.

I keep seeing these class futuristic items and getting excited about what you can do with them. There is a new dress on Nasty Gal. Its structured, 2 dimensional, with bright pastel colours and zips. I LOVEEEEE IT! In fact I love their WHOLE Spring Collection. I will post a picture below. I’m so glad futuristic is happening right now. Ugh I sound like such a DIVA!

I got the jumper from choies.com. I really like that website. I’d like to be able to describe the material. All I can say is its inspiringly furutistic

The jumper was perfect with my Levi shorts. I’m not fully sure what size the jumper is supposed to be on, because it only came in one size, and its a belly top on tall me, oh well!




photo (4)


Jumper: Choies.com

Levi Shorts: Shutterbug

Gold Necklace: Topshop

Hat: Folkster

Shoes: Office and Schuh

The Nasty Gal dress can be bought: Here

Somebody buy it for me as an early birthday present? 😉

Thanks for reading!

Until next time..



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Twenty something year old Fashion Blogger / Digital Marketer..
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