Outfit Post: Daylight

Boyfriend jeans (these Shutterbug ones in particular) have probably been on my wishlist for about a year now. I kept getting nervous about buying them in the belief that they would look awful on me. I guess sometimes you just gotta grab the bull by the horns and go mad. So I bought them and initially when I put them on, I freaked out because I thought they didn’t suit me, so I decided to pull them down a bit onto my hips or just above, as opposed to being on my waist. They suited me much better there. I think you can wear them one of two ways dependent on your figure. If you have a lovely tiny waist they would be perfect on your waist, but I unfortunately just seem to go straight down, so down they went and they worked in the end πŸ™‚ (Having a giggle to myself here over that rant).

The shirt is just an ideal shirt really. Well for me anyway. The butterfly pattern and the silk texture wowza. I spotted it in my mothers wardrobe a while ago, and you can probably imagine how pleased I was with her purchase πŸ™‚

I don’t want to go on much more and bore you all to death but the shoes are the type of shoes that you see and know you are going to buy no matter what your resources are. They are perfect for the summer, so nice and so classy.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

photo (36) photo (35)photo (31)photo (34)image2

photo (32)
Boyfriend Jeans: Shutterbug

Shirt: Equipment

Shoes: River Island

I hope you enjoyed the post. Its been so long, but I do not intend on giving up on this blogging anytime soon.

Until next time…



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5 Responses to Outfit Post: Daylight

  1. luanza says:

    Killah kicks!

  2. You’ve a really nice garden xxxxx

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