Outfit Post: Sunny Daze

The first thing my brother asked when he saw me in my ensemble was “Did you win?”. I suppose when your style is slightly extrovert you have to prepare yourself for such abuse. I must say I do love this outfit. Black bicycle shorts with the lace trim have been on my mind for some months now. I love bicycle shorts. I don’t know where that stemmed from but I jump to them. I would almost say I bought the top to match the bicycle shorts because I knew I needed an excuse to buy them. You know when you see a clothing item and you are immediately picturing the outfit. That happened. Also American Football Jerseys are just ideal right now.

I was going to buy the light yellow converse but then I was like well if I love neon so much why wouldn’t I just get the neon yellow converse? Advantage: If the outfit is boring the neon cons will spice it up.

I will bore you no more.

Enjoy thee pics 🙂


973604_10151644003278896_423154018_n (1)974809_10151644004468896_1916674931_n



American Football Jersey: Love

Bicycle Shorts: Ebay

Neon Cons: Office

Neon Rope Necklace: Topshop

Neon Chain Necklace: Primark

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next time mes amies..



About Hannah Roche

Twenty something year old Fashion Blogger / Digital Marketer..
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2 Responses to Outfit Post: Sunny Daze

  1. Is that still your garden?!

  2. Hannah Roche says:

    That is the lane beside my house!

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