Outfit Post: Black Is The Colour

So after much deliberation (not too much, I had a brainwave last week after a few people brought it up), I have decided to make a return to the blogging scene. I can’t deny that I love doing it and when someone comes up to me randomly and tells me they love my blog…my blog ehhh I haven’t wrote that in a while *walks around in circles*, I feel like I should, you know, jump back on that bandwagon. So here I am, and those waves of excitement which I remember so well from the last time, are coming back to me!

It’s quite scary, starting a blog. I don’t feel scared any more *wonders if she speaks too soon*, but putting yourself out there to be rated or slated (lol) can be slightly unnerving. But sure look, we’ll give it a go (for all those non-Irish people reading this by we I mean me myself and I only) and if the people like it, the people will speak……hopefully…

This outfit. You see, I’m digging black these days. Like, who doesn’t dig black anyway, but in the past I have been quite fluorescent in my style and I have in the past year REALLY learned the value of basics. Good clean basics. The value lies in the fact that you can wear them over and over, but accessorise them differently each time. One of my problems is, was, kind of still is, that I get too excited when I see something I really like. And often that item isn’t something I can REALLY wear again. It’s tough.

The jacket, I went into Topshop in Oxford Circus, left, couldn’t stop thinking about it, came back, bought it. The embroidered detail and the fur. I was done. And then I bought the jeans and the top, because simply because if the jacket was that cool, it had to be a brand new outfit. The jeans are great because they are ripped jeans so instantly the outfit is cooler (who am I?) and the top is just, well I really really like it. I really like V-neck t-shirts at the moment, something I have never liked.

Necklace to brighten things up, a good look for when the jacket is off and your blending into the dark interiors of Dublin’s night scene. I do love it though, and I am also giggling to myself at what I am saying. Cue to leave.

Enjoy the pics 🙂




Jeans – Topshop

Top – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop

Necklace – Folkster

Converse – Office

Sunnies – Cotton Face Vintage

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time..



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