Outfit Post: All These Autumn Leaves

Well hello again. I’m back – I know this has come as a big shock to you all. Two blog posts, two weeks running. I’m sure you can’t believe your luck. (lol)

So this… Well let me first explain my Photoshop ordeal. I use Photoshop pretty much every day in work, but I have never actually used it on a photograph before. I can produce graphics with my eyes closed. Nah I can’t, that would be impossible. But working on a photo is quite different because Photoshop can’t really define particular elements on it’s own. SO, I used Photoshop on I think only the first two pictures and as you can see I got my “Gaussian Blur” going but it’s REALLY obvious where the blur starts. You can see a big square around me in the first picture. But still, it does make it a bit more 3D and cool and it will be better next week, I promise. PLUS I did it at the end of work (say nothing), because I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop so I hereby present you with the result.

Now, in this blog post we will explore the idea of my style being rather inconsistent. Actually, that’s too dramatic. My style in the sense of THEME (grunge, preppy) is inconsistent but my style in terms of how I put things together and wear things is CONSISTENT. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. It’s hard to explain but I think if you follow this for a while *commits herself to blogging for an ambiguous while*,  you will begin to understand. Or else look back through some old blog posts to gain a deeper understanding (crying).

This colour pink is one of my favourite colours in the world. It’s just so good with really blue jeans and then bringing in some Autumn beige’s in the hat was a must. I really love this outfit. I have some close ups of the detail on the jumper. A charity shop. And jumpers like these are definitely pretty rampant in charity shops. Get in guys.  Oh and check the collar out on that shirt. Yeah.

Enjoy the pics 🙂




Pink Jumper – Barnardos

Shirt – Shutterbug

Tube Jeans – River Island

Hat – Primark

Cons – Office

Until next time…



About Hannah Roche

Twenty something year old Fashion Blogger / Digital Marketer..
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