Outfit Post: Wild Child

I spend a lot of time on WordPress in work building websites and what not so whenever I see discrepancies in the format of my blog I can just code that s**t and fix it right up. No idea why I said that but I guess I find the tool a lot easier to work with then when I first started. It’s nice knowing the tricks of the trade, I won’t lie to you.

Today we will be diving into my g-g-g-grunge side. Oooh I do love a bit of grunge. And see, I can’t help but disagree with the people who say fashion is materialistic or even narcissistic. I truly believe it is an art and a form of self-expression. An assertion of one’s own personality in the busy world we live in. And I think it is a good way to express ourselves. Self-identity. And to sometimes, take the road less taken. You know?

Oh well, I got very deep there now. No one was asking. But anyway. This outfit I love. Truly love. A surge of excitement it was, to put that shirt on for the very first time. And it has that thick cotton texture. You really feel like your wearing something, you feel whole in it or something? MY GOD, I am very deep tonight. But if you can get your hands on one of these, please do. It was natural of course, to pair it with my ripped skinny jeans, doc martens and tartan scrunchie. It brought me much joy. Much much joy.

Anyway, I will close now before one is led to believe that I am suffering from an emotional breakdown. Enjoy the pictures and the outfit. And like always, all feedback is very much appreciated.

P.s. No bold Photoshop antics were endeavoured in this week. But next week. Hopefully 🙂

altAs643KWF4ZCBdrcnvwL5zF06ZxbJPcHeBUzETn1XFbEAaltAiFU9ScWNccffHEPXpD0I8TJHvStwzsdvKorPSI5isewaltAgdw6J0SXVAiJIf0d9xJvqURzViI-qaGTLGTt70ij8L-altAkVZ-tsB3D4QbC-JrDbCdxIoGSyogl-7tKqN5EqBZgtKaltAqVbapCShmUZpGHVEqQ9uRGlSH9JLkzHmiJ1s43soY3yaltAsqqhoLi666sVapNLW8xWOSop7qwGM4pvLWu0JLYFRxLaltAgaR3W2Oie7ZsisggDaglrXvFFc3LUxjsSbI-WLteTq-Checkered shirt: Shutterbug

Ripped Jeans: Topshop

Doc Martens: Shutterbug

Scrunchie: River Island

Until next time..





About Hannah Roche

Twenty something year old Fashion Blogger / Digital Marketer..
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3 Responses to Outfit Post: Wild Child

  1. Couldn’t be more you.

  2. Sarah Coco says:

    Hey Hannah! only checking this from seing it on facebook! Shirt is gorgeous- a girl I know has started http://www.theafricanshirtcompany.com/ you shoulld check it out… they do gorgeous shirts in nice strong cotton and all for a good cause! Enjoying the blog- keep up the good work 😉 xx
    Sarah Natasha

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