Outfit Post: Velvet Sky

I’m back, I’m back, I’m a maniac. And I nearly didn’t this week. But then I did, for the people. PHEW say you all. Ha! But seriously, I was having a moral dilemma about my outfit. That it might not be good enough. But in all honesty, I love this outfit, I just don’t think the pictures are great. But its good casual inspo, you know. I hope.

So the jacket is Shutterbug. Are you surprised? Didn’t think so. But it was (and I know I say this a lot) one of those things where, when I saw it, I wasn’t really leaving the shop without it. It’s tough. If you read my blog back in the day you will know I love, loovveee velvet. Well, the obsession lives on. There is a close up, check out the detail and Autumn colours. Of course you can also dress this up, but I went for a casual look.

We fitted phois phois (dear Phois Phois, Phooeey, La P [my cat] – obsessed) into my outfit. There she is now on my top. As a result of this we felt we should honour her in some way by carefully placing her into some of the pictures. She repped it up of course. My little sister takes the pictures by the way. Big shout out there, just so she knows I appreciate it. Heavily criticised of course during the process of picture taking for my strange and awkward poses. But sure look, we’ll soldier on.

There’s a 50% sale on in Topshop at the moment. Few bits there so have a look. My colleague and I went on at the same time earlier to find it had crashed due to heavy traffic. We empathised with the web team and had a giggle at our nerd selves.

With this I shall be off. Let me know your thoughts 😉

altAomg1Ry24aY9rUGbGiiq0ojVR0rGjtxKeftI6tCViP-M altAgngv_HPJpQA1CoKsz6Q3W6eY-7Adlt7udz69dvXnfbWaltAusBFrVan-aif-jdEBzFcxe6jtZTfZWaV2uRAhWy0juDaltAvTg1_2xa7YiDZVQwW6IDRj3G_MMZItcJYx-P7M94o3zaltAjdaK-pEp3-DFMDLRztztmT5g7y220XZ3EIcgrvoERbmaltAoDOMW3vz1CpO1Mjmj5kUpi3cmgf_M6QEzAz1D6ABKh_

Jacket – Shutterbug

Top – H&M

Jeans – River Island

Ring – Shutterbug

Until next time…



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